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Monday, August 13, 2012

The First Ever Children's Bookstore Cash Mob!

Live in the Boston area? Join us at the World's Only Curious George Store in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA on Saturday, August 25th at 10am for the first ever Children's Bookstore Cash Mob! Bring friends and family, and support this integral part of Harvard Square!

What's a cash mob? It’s when a group of people come together at the same time and place to support an independent retailer. All participants then “mob” the retailer with their cash, pledging to spend at least $15 on the store’s books or merchandise.

But wait! Everyone who participates in the mob is eligible to enter multiple raffle giveaways including a set of 15 Walden books and DVDs! Curious George will be on hand for photos!
Store Information:
The World's Only Curious George Store
Harvard Square
One JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone number: 617.547.4500

Tweet @WaldenPondPress with any questions! Hope to see all you Boston-ites there!


  1. Oh, I'm way out in Colorado, but I've been there with my students a few years ago. It's a wonderful store. Best wishes!!

  2. Sounds like fun! Too bad I moved to NC! Have fun. I do love Curious George!


  3. Linda - Thanks so much, it's a favorite store of ours too :)

  4. Heather - Thanks! I wish you could join us too! If you have any friends still in the area, feel free to let them know!

  5. I hope it went well! This sounds like such an amazing idea. I lived too far away to attend (by the time I heard about it). I do love that store and enjoy going there when I am up in the Boston area! Such a great store. :)

    1. It did, thanks so much, Jess! We hope to do more cash mobs at other local indies soon. It's a wonderful store and the recent renovation made it even better, in my opinion. Enjoy your next visit!